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There is no way that you haven’t heard about the famous FNAF 4 (Five Nights at Freddie’s 4) if you are found of horror and survival-horror games. This one features a point to click gameplay and a set of unique characters that are both adorable and creepy. The forth part of the franchise a player discovers a story of a child and a… bite. There is a couple of mini-games here to explore and the first one starts in a room where a small kid plays with his toys, one of which (Fox) lacks her head. There are four of them and the fifth one sits at some distance on the sofa. This is Fredber, the one who has to watch the child.
Very soon you realize that the door is locked and a child cannot leave the room. He is not very happy about that. Once he will try making some noises and trying to pound at the door, however, it seems that nobody can hear him and there is no one to save him from this trap. When he realizes that he is in a trap and there is no way out, he starts crying. At the same time, he will hurry up to inform you that the plushies he is locked with in a room are his friends. Strange enough, right? But wait. There is more.
The next small story will take place after you have discovered the first one. And actually, this is your second night with Freddie. There is the same room you have seen previously but there is one small difference: now you can go outside the room. There are other rooms there, including a bedroom where the other animatronic has a rest on the floor. On the other side of the building, you will meet your good old friend Fredber again, the one who seems to have locked you there. You take a look a TV set where your brother talks to you wearing a strange foxy-mask. It’s creepy. There is nothing else you can do but fall down in tears again. Your “caretaker” will kindly inform you that there will be a new day tomorrow. The third night is a new trap.
You find yourself in a cafeteria and again and again you cannot leave it. The animatronics are all over the place and they will not let you go that simple. Next night you finally get outside but come back to the house, which is located not far from the yesterday’s cafeteria. And oh, the TV scares you again, since there is your foxy-brother there. The fifth night takes place in a cafeteria’s store room. Sure, you are locked again and you cry again. The next level is blood-chilling, since the boy gets his head bitten off his shoulders. What happens next is the boy’s night in a hospital where he seems to experience really bad times (we can make sure that he really is due to the cardiogram-noises and medicaments). The toys come to visit him and then disappear. You will see the storage coffer in the last part. The storage coffer won’t open, since there are “things that must remain riddles”.

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