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There new cute (and creepy) baby-animatronics at Freddy’s Pizzeria! They look so lovely but there is one problem – both of them have malicious laughter that make people’s blood chill. To prevent visitors from being scared of the mechanical creatures, Freddy decides to call a technician. Unfortunately, he comes to the restaurant when the sun is already down and he doesn’t know how dangerous animatronics are when the night comes. You will check the robots one by one and detect the defects on their control panels.

Funny enough, this time you are the one to sneak into animatronics’ rooms through ventilations, elevators, and other ways. For some reason, you cannot enter their places just walking through the doors, but you will climb the funnels to see the animatronics installed in their rooms.

You will have to inspect the room very carefully and find the possible problems with the mechanisms of the mechanical dolls. However, you should be very careful. Everything can be expected from these creepy fellows! Baby and Ballora are the new characters to meet in a game, however, the old ones are also here and they are waiting for you! You will also see Foxy, Minireena, BidyBab and others. On this website, you can play this game online for free. So get ready to find yourself in the animatronics’ universe again and try to survive!

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