Five Nights at Candy’s

Game information

Freddy’s Pizzeria goes bankrupt and so does the burger-bar competitor. The plot of this game doesn’t tell a new story, but rather supplements the previous ones. This becomes clear when you meet the newspaper’s title that sounds like “A child was killed on the territory of the robot factory,” as well as another newspaper you can see in the office. Maybe, this plot reveals the truth that Puppet, a character of the original title, was not the main character, as well as not the first victim. The first one might be Vinnie, a child that was murdered by this horrible company and the watchman in particular.

In Five Night’s at Candy’s 2 you will find yourself in a room that has two doors and a window that protect you from Blank. When the animatronics approach to the office, they stay visible on the cameras, still staying outside. You can detect them by the luminous eyes (everyone except Old Candy and Rat). The animatronics move quickly, but there are no blind spots on the camera’s view, which makes the task manageable. At the same time, they can jump over the cameras and pass through the entire rooms that way. Candy and Cindy are active from the first night, Chester joins later, Blank will appear at the third night, Candy the Penguin will come at third/fourth level, and Rat will join when the sixth/seventh night comes.Ready to have fun with them all? Then start playing this game on our website online. It’s free.

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