Five Nights at Freddy’s



Game information

Little kids and their parents love visiting the best local pizzeria called at Freddy’s. This place entertains the visitors with amazing puppet show with large mechanical dolls called animatronics. Together they arrange parties with games, shows, dances, and songs. The most beloved one is a huge teddy bear Freddy, who is the pizzeria owner and all the visitors love him a lot for being that cute and charismatic.

However, this is what happens during the daytime. The pizzeria has a dark secret and you are the one to find out about it because you have applied for a job application and now you are going to sit all night long in the office and watch the cameras to make sure that the pizzeria is secure. Well, the only one who is not secure here is you. The animatronics turn into monsters at night and try to reach you. All they want is to scare you to death. This way, the monsters will torture you until the morning comes, so try hard to survive. The job of the night security is not as quiet and easy as you thought.

You have five nights with “cute” creatures and you have to do your best to spy them and prevent them from entering your room. Once they do so, you are doomed. To avoid the unpleasant meeting, you have five cameras to see their movements and stop them at all costs. Make sure that you track the energy – you need it to let the cameras work. So don’t use too much light and automatic doors, since they will waste too much energy. Scott Cawthon, the game developer, have created a limited gameplay for Five Nights at Freddy’s. At the same time, he did his best to implement an amazingly-oppressive atmosphere, which is the main reason of the title’s success.

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