Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Game information

The 2nd game in a Freddy’s series is another episode about mysterious pizzeria of Freddy, a place where you will stay for a couple of nights and try to avoid the animatronics willing to kill you. Despite the fact that your character is sitting in the same small room watching the cameras and closing/opening the doors, ventilations and other holes that can serve as an enter for the hellish creatures (animatronics), this one has new features and improvements. For instance, you will meet 6 new monsters and updates versions of 5 previous ones. The total amount of animatronics to deal with is 11. However, this is not the main difference the second part of five Nights at Freddy’s can impress you with. The updated game mechanics is something you will notice for sure. Just like before, you work as a guard and your main task is to make sure that everything is in order at night. Your predecessor said that the conditions of work are a bit “uncomfortable” and he decided to work at the daytime. The animatronics are dangerous and therefore you have received Freddy’s mask. Once they see you wearing it, they will leave you alone. Well, actually, they are not responsible for your possible death, so make sure to save your life (and mind) by your own forces.

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