That’s Not My Neighbor Horror



Game information

That’s Not My Neighbor Horror propels players into a unique working simulator set against a backdrop reminiscent of the late 20th century’s alternative end. Developed by Nacho Sama and hosted on, the game captures attention with its distinct 2D style, featuring faded colors and whimsically disproportionate character designs. Players find themselves in an era marked by heightened doppelganger activity, tasked with the crucial role of gatekeeping their building against these deceptive entities. The atmosphere is thick with tension as players question whether they can outlast this period of uncertainty and danger.

Guarding Against the Ghoulish

The core challenge in That’s Not My Neighbor Horror involves meticulously screening each individual attempting to enter the building, distinguishing between friendly neighbors and malevolent impostors. Players must rely heavily on their observation skills, as a single oversight could result in becoming the next target of these supernatural predators. The game’s suspense is rooted in the constant vigilance required to spot the subtle imperfections in a doppelganger’s disguise and take decisive action to neutralize the threat, contributing to a safer world.

Tactical Vigilance and Strategy

As the building’s new doorman, players must adapt to evolving conditions and master the specifics of access control, staying alert to the increasingly cunning tricks of the ghostly foes. The game intricately weaves gameplay mechanics that demand a comprehensive understanding of the rules and an ability to quickly apply this knowledge as situations change. Additionally, the game equips players with tools like specialized forms for neighbors and emergency protocols, aiding in the identification and reporting of any suspicious entities. Within the confines of a well-equipped office, players prepare to face the unknown, making every shift a test of courage and acumen against the backdrop of this eerie simulation.

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