Amnesia: Rebirth



Game information

Amnesia: Rebirth is categorized as a horror game. But you can’t actually say that it instill fear. Rather than throwing you into the abyss of blood-chilling dread, it pressures you with its depressing atmosphere and the suspense of waiting for another mishap. Full immersion, the feeling of cold spread all over the plate of loneliness – that’s what you are about to experience in the sands of Algeria where you ended up after your plane crashed. Now you have to find your husband and child that are lost god knows where. As you are busy with that, you will make stunning discoveries that you would rather leave alone… But now you are part of it and there is nothing you can do about that!

From the very start, you get fully absorbed into the disturbing ambience of the game. A good bulk of the emotional effect comes from the smart use of lighting. Now, in addition to the portable lamp, there are matches scattered throughout the location. That has accelerated the gameplay: oil is less common, and a match burns for only a few seconds. If you failed to light up at least two lamps during this time, count the match in vain. Here the resources finally have at least some value and you really need to keep an eye on how much of them are left in your inventory.

The riddles have also become more confusing, there are fewer tips. But if you already played the previous parts of the game, you already knowwhat will help you come up with a solution – dragging boxes, turning on some switches, combining items according to a recipe. The story is linear at first, then it can take several possible turns depending on the decisions you make.

Rebirth is a great story told using familiar gameplay mechanics and subtle graphics. This game will suit connoisseurs of a deep atmosphere and unusual plot, but it’s obviously not for those who like to experience naked fear. Here it fades into the background, allowing your imagination, fueled by delightful sound effects, to finish what is happening in the darkness of the Algerian desert!

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