Roblox Baldi’s Basics



Game information

Roblox Basics is a horror game created on the basis of well-known Baldi’s Basics. This one is also a creepy 3d interaction that has less to do with education. Yet, it provides players with a unique experience of funny and still absolutely insane survival game. There is a number of subject you have to master, however, you have no chance but to show perfect results. If you fail to do it, the teachers will catch and punish you. In this version, you will meet a new set of characters, Roblox and his friends, who can compete Baldi. Walk the corridors and gather the items to escape the punishment or distractthese crucifiers and maybe someday you will be able to leave this school once and forever. However, until the moment you can manage this, make sure to do your best and deal with the tasks they have prepared for you. Unfortunately, you will never show the results they are waiting for – most tasks are as crazy as your teachers and cannot be solved.
This game is extremely popular and thousands of horror-fans play it online on this website. Test your nerves and try Roblox Basics yourself! It is available for free! Don’t take it too serious – just have fun.

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