Roblox Horror Games

The genre of horror will never fall out of fashion. After all, we all love tickling our nerves from time to time. All those spooky stories about evil witches, vengeful ghosts and saw-wielding killers waiting to jump at you from around the corner make blood in our veins chill and offer some good entertainment. Regardless of what’s happening on the TV screen, we know that nothing like that will ever occur to use in real life. However, these moments of thrill and scare give a vent to our need for adrenaline and intense emotions. We offer you a great chance to enjoy them playing one of the amazing Roblox horror games online!

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Roblox Doors
Color Or Die Roblox
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The Backrooms Roblox
Roblox Submarine Simulator
Sans Simulator Roblox
Roblox Squid Game
Roblox Fighting
Dead Silence
Roblox Piggy 2
Roblox Zombie
Roblox Car Game
Roblox Horror
Roblox Piggy
Roblox Survival
A Camping Story – Roblox
Hello Granny – Roblox
Roblox: Mad City
Scary Roblox Game
Roblox Camping Secret Ending
Roblox Horror Story
Horror Tycoon – Roblox
Roblox Horror Movie
Roblox Granny
Roblox Baldi’s Basics
Hello Neighbor Roblox

Thrill, adrenaline and fun time!

Horror scenarios are diverse and multiple. When you enter a horror section on a game site, you can be sure that you won’t run short of options and will have plenty of them for today’s evening. It’s only up to you to choose a plot you’re going to get fascinated with most. Perhaps you prefer mystical tales about cursed cemeteries, witches casting spells over heroes in love with them and demons possessing pious priests? There are plenty of such games on Roblox. Feel like a character of an old book, try to escape the grip of the dark powers or even save other people suffering from them. Maybe you have guts to challenge them to an open fight? Let’s see and find out who wins!

Those thrilled with more contemporary themes can find their share of thrills playing games about zombies, monsters that crowded the city as a result of an enigmatic virus that has no cure and fatal shootouts where you can only save your skin if you are extra careful, react to everything that happens quickly and are capable of keeping it cool even in the most blood-chilling situation. Those enjoying stories about maniacs and serial killers will discover a wide variety of Roblox titles following the plots of their favorite movies. Can you run away from Jack the Ripper or deal with the insane murdered from Saw? You won’t find out until you play one of Roblox horror games online!

Any horror franchise to your taste

Roblox is a free sandbox where every user is capable of creating their own inimitable project. That means you have a choice of thousands of horror games, both totally unique and based on popular franchises. Among games collected in this section, you will meet your favorite horror characters that won’t get to rest until they haunt you and rip your guts out! Do you remember Freddie, a cute teddy bear from a pizza house who turns into a horrible monster at night? He is waiting for you on Roblox! Maybe you still get chills recollecting the mad old Granny capturing her victims in a shabby squeaky manor full of traps giving them five days to escape and appearing on the threshold with a bate ready to smash your brains out? You can now enter the same trial only designed in the iconic style of Roblox and with user innovations! There are many more horror titles in store for you on this wonderful worldwide platform. All you need to do is look through our site and choose!