Roblox Granny



Game information

Roblox is a platform that has grown tremendously over the years. Aside from user projects, it now contains remakes of almost all popular online games, including Granny. If you already played this thrilling horror, you’ll be fascinated to see how it looks like in the famous pixel art style! The rules have remained the same: you need to escape the grip of a maniac who turns out to be a nice-looking old lady living lonely in a distant house. There is nobody to hear your screams and cries for help. You can only count on yourself to get out of the manor and see the light of the day again.

This won’t be so easy, though. The front door is securely locked and you can’t open it without finding all the necessary items first. That leaves you with a mission to search every room in the house and collect a set of things that will allow you to turn off the alarm, lift the door bar, unbolt it and pick the lock. All this time, you will be pursued by Granny hiding out of sight, waiting to catch you off guard. The only way to delay your grim fate is to move on tiptoes and act quietly. In case you alerted Granny and hear her coming, look for a place where you can hide. There are just five days for you to escape. Once your time is up, Granny will come for you one more time. And this time will be the last one… So hurry up, you have plenty of work to do! Start by exploring the room you woke up in and look for clues in places where you would least expect to find them…

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