Granny Horror Game

Game information

Maniacs are different, sometimes they look like you would never suspect that you are a serial killer. So our granny is disguised as a nice fluffy old lady who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Don’t believe her appearance! Who knows how she lured you to her home. Perhaps asked you to help bring her bag upstairs. Or pretended that the door was jammed, but as soon as you started digging in the lock, she banged you on the head and dragged you inside. Anyway, you woke up in a closed room and now you have a difficult task – to escape from this terrible place before the crazy old woman gets to you.

First you need to figure out how to get out of the room. Somewhere there should be a key. Carefully look around, search the furniture and study the contents of the drawers. You’ll have to do this quite often, so start getting used to it right now. There are quite a number of such rooms in the house, and in each there is something necessary to escape. Only by collecting all the needed items you can turn off the alarm and unlock the front door. But the main difficulty is that the old lady will constantly follow you. She carefully listens to every sound and instantly appears where, in her opinion, something suspicious is happening. So you have to act not only cunning, but also quiet. It is worth noting that at the disposal of the old woman there are many unpleasant surprises and traps, so it will be tough!

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