Granny 2 Online



Game information

Are you a fan of Granny horror games? Well, we have amazing news for you then. There is a second chapter on the launch and we already uploaded a free version to our website. Now you will have to face a pack of enemies, not just Granny. Get ready for a horrible trip to a house of terror! Find out the mysteries of the mansion, try not to meet angry old guys, and leave this hellish place as fast as you can before you die! The game has different levels of difficulty and you are to choose the one that suits you at the very beginning of the game. There is a number of them available. If you have already played the game, then you can imagine what is waiting for you on each complexity level. Also, you can choose the enemy to stand against. This might be Granny herself, Grandpa, or both simultaneously.
The horror level can be regulated – turn the darkness regime on, add or delete music, make the locks more complicated, or choose something easier. When you are done with these steps, you can launch the game right away and find yourself inside of the creepiest house in the universe. The rooms are located not the way they were earlier and you will have to discover the new house in the second chapter. There are many new amazing (and terrifying) things to explore in this building!

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