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If we adhere to cultural images of an old lady, we will see two stereotypical depictions. One of them is a classical kind granny, who bakes cakes and prepares your favorite lemonade. She is calm and silent, with those bright and wise eyes. The second one is an image of an old witch – an evil woman, who hates the entire world for no reason. In the horror game Granny you will meet a person of the second type, thus exaggerated to absurd. This lady is old, cruel, crazy, and it is hard to say why she behaves the way she does.

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If you launch the game and look closer at her face, you would say: “Well, this is too much!” She has spiky teeth, crazy eyes filled with anger and absolutely bloodthirsty expression. If you remember the fairy tales from your childhood, like Hansel and Gretel, you can easily conclude that an evil grandmother, who lives in the forest and tortures young children is she. Only in the modern depiction. However, children are always smarter and they know how to trick an old lady and run away. This is exactly what you are expected to do in the game.

So everything starts when you wake up in a strange place. This is a large mansion, an old and not the tidiest in the world. Someone is walking in the corridors and you don’t really want to know, who is that. If your thoughts suggest that this is a psycho killer or a maniac, then you are close to truth. This is Granny and she is the one, who locked you inside of this strange house for days. You cannot do anything to her, neither you can kill her or hurt her. The only option for you is to run away from here, but this won’t be easy. First, you are locked.

Second, you don’t know where the exit is. Third, you have limited time to escape – five days. This means that these five days should be spent with use, you need to find a key and the door to escape. However, Granny will wander here and there, trying to prevent you from this. Try not to make any noise, be silent and very accurate. If she hears or sees you, she will show the miracles of speed that are not very natural for an old person like she. When Granny starts running after you, your chances to stay alive are minor. Yes, you cannot stab her back or shot her with a gun (unfortunately), so you will have to find a place, where you can hide, until she leaves. Stay close to wardrobes and beds – they are perfect shelters. You have a couple of seconds to hide, if Granny starts hunting you, so take care of this. The chances are small, but if you manage to survive in this crazy chase with evil – this would be a real miracle and imagine your happiness, when you finally leave this hellish environment.

There are different parts of Granny, but the principle is the same in each of them. The plot is the same as well: you are locked inside of a house, Granny is here to torture and scare you, when the time goes up, something horrible is waiting for you. Maybe, she will out you in the oven and eat for supper, who knows! But you would better avoid a destiny like that. So sneak into different rooms and try to find a key. Just remember that the old floor makes noises, so be ready that Granny can detect you at any moment! This horror game has become a real hit because it really is thrilling and keeps you alarmed all the time. Try any part of Granny series on our website and try not to lose your mind!