Granny Chapter 4



Game information

Granny Chapter 4 thrusts players into the depths of a new, foreboding chapter where the stakes are higher and the horrors more sinister. In this installment, players find themselves trapped within the confines of Granny’s ominous abode once more, challenged not only by Granny herself but by new, unseen threats lurking within the shadows. This iteration enhances the survival horror experience with complex puzzles, stealth strategies, and an unyielding atmosphere of dread that tests the limits of courage and cunning.

A Labyrinth of Terror and Mystery

As players navigate through the eerie corridors and hidden passageways of Granny’s house, they must gather items, solve puzzles, and evade capture with even greater care. Granny Chapter 4 introduces enhanced AI, making Granny and her cohorts more unpredictable and dangerous. The game’s environment expands, offering new areas to explore, each with its unique set of challenges and secrets to uncover. This chapter invites players to immerse themselves in an intense game of cat and mouse, where every sound can be the difference between escape and doom.

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