Granny 2



Game information

We are accustomed to the fact that old women have cute weirdness. But this elderly lady surpassed all her grumbling neighbors. She doesn’t have grandchildren, which makes her very angry, therefore she breaks her unspent tenderness and aggression against strangers, luring them to her home and locking them inside. Any attempt to escape will be extremely disapproving – you will get a bat on the head. Yes, old lady is not a blunder. And she will not tolerate your unwillingness to stay with her as a grandson for a long time. You only have five days to find a way to get out of this house. And that means – to search all the rooms, pick up the necessary set of things and hack the front door with it. And, of course, not to catch the eye of our unbalanced old woman who watches over everything that happens in her home!

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