Granny Chapter 2



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Do you think that childhood fears are nothing? Well, there are some horror games that have a potential to remind you about your fantasies and the way they influenced you. Indeed, what about experiencing the common fears all of us might have had, even without actually realizing it? Imagine yourself locked in a house with no opportunity to leave it when you want to. Actually, chances are that you will want to leave such a place just because you cannot. Nothing motivates us to go away than the closed room, right? This is something that really frightens us. Not the room itself, not the locked door, and not the absence of the key in our hands. But a strange perspective that everything is going to be as it is, and this is something closed, with no chances to change. Creepy, right?

What is waiting for you in this house?

Locked rooms and houses are the famous motive of the survival horror games. You find yourself in the shoes of a character who doesn’t have any freedom of actions. The problem is that you cannot see any perspectives here and nothing actually happens – the only thing on your mind is a necessity to run away and change the way everything is. However, here is a problem that arises – you cannot. Still, you know that if you will manage to find the key and a way out of this labyrinth, you might get a chance to survive. The house is pretty large and the amount of rooms here is nearly endless. You don’t want to spend the eternity looking for a key, but there is no choice and you start your search. At some moment, you suddenly realize that things are worse than you thought from the beginning. Actually, they are much worse that you could imagine. You are not alone in this house and these are the bad news. Because someone is watching you, someone can hear you, and this person is not a helper or a comrade you can communicate with and find a way out together. No support is waiting for you in this hellish place of absurd and pain.

Your blood-chilling enemy is near

Someone present in the house is your enemy. A real implementation of pure evil. This is Granny Chapter 2 and you don’t really want to know her, honestly. It’s hard to say what is wrong with this old lady, but she wants to kill you just because you are alive. She locked you inside of this strange house and now her crazy hunt starts. You need to hide whenever you can because once she sees you or hears you, you won’t survive. A second and you are already dead. Are you ready for the second part of the famous adventure that will make your knees shake? Then enter it right now. Try to survive and stay sane.

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