Hello Neighbor Roblox

Game information

Meet the good old Hello Neighbor in Roblox style! You’re going to plunge into the world of pixelated adventures and follow a familiar story with a new appearance. Tiptoe into your neighbor’s home and discover what he hides in the basement. But don’t expect him to greet you as a welcomed guest. The neighbor will try to bury his secrets with you. If you hope to get out alive, you need to be quiet and careful. Investigate the interior, search the rooms for clues, but don’t forget about safety. Time and again the neighbor will be walking past you, busy with his everyday stuff. When that happens, it’s better to hide somewhere and wait until he’s out of sight. But that isn’t possible every time and sooner or later you will be spotted. What should you do? Save your skin! But note that the neighbor will put traps and security cameras in places where he saw you. So you should keep thinking to be one step ahead of him! Will you be able to avoid all the dangers and find answers to your questions?

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