Roblox Piggy



Game information

One of the most mysterious and creepy Roblox games is at your disposal. This one is a horror story where you will find yourself locked in a house. You are not alone. Someone is watching you… and you will meet them very soon, but it’s not like you will be very glad after that. The game has a hidden plot, so it is not revealed to the players. You are welcome to think of it yourself. What are your theories? Why are you here? Who are your followers? Is this something like hell and you are punished sinner? Who knows. But there is one thing we know for sure – the game will make your knees shiver from fear. It is stylish and even though being fan-made, incredibly freaky and interesting. So what is waiting for you here? Let’s try to discuss some details.
You find yourself in a house and get informed that this is the place where some man called George Pig was seen for the last time before his death. Probably, violent. Probably, cruel. There were photos of him in one of the rooms, but they have disappeared just like the man. Then you will meet the torturers have been waiting for you to come – these are two cute pigs in dresses, but don’t let their dollish appearance fool you. They are incredibly dangerous and you need to run away from them and hide whenever you feel that they are somewhere near. They won’t think for too long before smashing your head. Supposedly, these characters are the animatronic animals, but maybe they are people in the suits of people? Will you find out?

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