Baldi’s Basics Update



Game information

We hope that you will never let your children play this game. If you a child yourself, make sure that you know what kind of a game Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning is. Well, we care about your mental health! Therefore, mind that this one has nothing in common with education. Instead, it is an amazing survival horror game with the wackiest graphics you have ever seen in your life. You are the unluckiest student of all times. Baldi wants you to stay in his school until your scores become 100% perfect. Or maybe he is maniac that won’t let you go anyway, because reaching the highest score in his school is simply impossible. Due to being that crazy-looking, Baldi’s Basics have received a great appreciation of public and became viral right after a release. Currently, the game developer is working on the expanded version of Baldi and we expect to get something even more brain-breaking.

Being a funny and strange caricature on old learning games for kids, Baldi can be perceived as a horror game of new generation. No more dark or gothic elements. Zombies and vampires are a relic from the past. We have already seen everything like this for billions of times. Experienced gamers are not afraid of polished and well-made horror games anymore. Baldi’s Basics is a pretty unique experience you have never expected from a video game. It looks like more like a botch-up rather than a game created for a purpose. However,in this case, it can be said: the worse, the better! Just try playing it online on our site and see it yourself! We bet that Baldi and his no-less-insane fellows will jumpscare you and not even once.

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