Baldi’s Basics 2

Game information

Schooling experience can be disturbing. However, Baldi’s Basics 2 new part is here to show you how disturbing it may be when you maximize it to some crazy measures. What if your math teacher is not just fanatic and strange, but a real maniac? Imagine him having a giant ruler in his hand, trying to hunt you in the school corridors and… kill you for not being a math genius. Yes, this is a new level of disturbing education with a high level of random, unmanageable tasks, and insane characters. We bet that this is a type of school motivation you couldn’t imagine. The best thing about Baldi’s Basics is graphics. It features glitch-like appearance of the educational games known from 90s and look really strange and creepy even without any references to a narrative. When you see goofy Baldi with his bold head and thin legs, you will burst out laughing. However, in a moment you will see how dangerous he is. The graphics are horrible, the tasks have no solutions, the teacher is insane. Everything looks ridiculous in Baldi’s Basics. At the same time, the level of ridiculousness is so high that it scares you. Gather the items to save yourself at least for some period and run!
The current version of Baldi is not a full one and the game developer promises to create an expanded version soon. It is hard to imagine how this game can be even more random and complex, however, we cannot wait to see it. The promised full version will make player’s experience even more unbearable and new fantastic characters are about to appear. Also, the new places like school yard, dining room, campus and more are also at the stage of development. Until then, play the existing version of Baldi on our website and try not to get killed!

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