That’s not my Neighbor Update



Game information

The newest update for That’s Not My Neighbor arrives, enhancing the gameplay and accessibility features to deliver an even more captivating and inclusive gaming experience. This update introduces the ‘nightmare mode’, a rigorously challenging setting designed for the most ardent players seeking an extreme test of their skills. This mode ramps up the intensity of the game’s encounters, ensuring that every decision and reaction can either spell triumph or disaster. Meanwhile, the arcade mode has been succinctly optimized to offer sessions that are rich in excitement but shorter in duration, catering to players looking for a quick yet fulfilling game experience.

Enhanced Accessibility and Improved Player Experience

Text speed has been accelerated across the board—apart from in tutorials—to streamline narrative delivery and keep players engaged without unnecessary delays. Additionally, a demo version is now available, giving potential players a free taste of the action before they commit to a purchase, ensuring it meets their expectations. Critical bug fixes have been implemented to smooth out gameplay, alongside thoughtful features such as disabling flashing lights to accommodate photosensitive players and an upgraded trypophobia safety function that now also covers tutorial visuals and minor gameplay elements.

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