That’s not my Neighbor Full Game



Game information

Dive into the expanded universe of That’s Not My Neighbor Full Game, a creation by Nacho Sama, that transforms a simple job into an enthralling mission of wit and survival. Hosted on, this game enhances the original premise with a rich narrative and an expanded world teeming with eerie duplicities. Players find themselves in the role of a doorman, tasked with the vital responsibility of protecting an apartment complex from the sinister doppelgangers that have begun to infiltrate our realm.

The guardian of building

The game unfolds in a visually striking 2D world, characterized by its unique art style that combines nostalgic aesthetics with a hint of the uncanny. As the guardian of your building, you’re thrust into a scenario where your diligence could mean the difference between safety and peril for your neighbors. The fractured key, a central piece of the storyline, sets you on a quest across the vast expanse of the complex, challenging you to recover its scattered shards while staying vigilant against the spectral threats.

Gameplay mechanics

That’s Not My Neighbor Full Game introduces an array of gameplay mechanics designed to test your observational skills and decision-making prowess. With a tool at your disposal to detect traces of the supernatural, the game tasks you with navigating puzzles, identifying impostors, and making critical choices that determine the fate of your community. The ambiance of suspense is amplified by the immersive sound design and chilling encounters, making every moment in the game a test of nerve.

At the heart of this engaging experience is your ability to discern the real from the unreal. The game encourages a deep dive into the stories and lives of the apartment’s residents, providing a layered and immersive narrative that evolves with your choices.

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