Nightcaster 2

Game information

Once upon a time, you have been stuck in a dark forest, all alone. Everything you have in your hands is a beam-light. Is this one of your main nightmares? Then this is a game you will love for sure. As you walk through a night forest, different creatures show up here and there, they are hiding in the bushes and behind the trees, watching your steps. They move along with you, becoming bigger and most of them cannot be seen in the shadow of night. You might not know that someone is following you before your light flashes the body of a giant monster. The idea that someone might be near you, watching your moves, will surely make you very nervous. If the monsters get too close to you and the fear degree will grow to 100, they will kill you and everything will end. You will have a chance to kill them, though. So be careful and ready for unexpected moves.

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