Poppy Playtime



Game information

The creepiness inherent to dolls inspires to create an excellent horror game Poppy Playtime. The developers of this adventure horror succeed in it a lot. In the game, you are a former employee of a mega-corporation, which decided to revisit a toy factory. However, some years ago all of its employees suddenly disappeared. Nobody knows how and where.

Then if you like mysterious things and the horror genre, it will be interesting for you to plunge into the atmosphere of this film. On your journey to an abandoned factory, you will encounter many sinister creations. But you will have your own toys, which will help you in your exploration and solving puzzles. Your own toys will help you pull the handles and levers, stretch the cords you need to pass, and do many other things necessary to survive in this sinister place.

Deeper into the hallways and offices of Playtime, you will notice a grinning sentry named Huggy Wuggy, whose demeanor is somewhat reminiscent of good old Slender. Huggy Wuggy is a huge plush nightmare with a friendly smile, chasing the hero through the corridors and ready to present a whole load of terrifying screamers that will surely cause a surge of activity among the most famous letsplayers. The puzzles in Poppy Playtime are not that difficult, but they perfectly immerse you in the game atmosphere and charge you with first-rate horror. Then plunge into the game and be sure you can’t tear yourself away from it even for a minute!

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