Minecraft Granny

Game information

Maniacs are rarely old people or women. This case is a double exception. Our sweet-looking granny is a real maniac, luring people to her home under plausible excuses and then staring a cruel hunt on them. You are given only five attempts to get out of the house, without any tools and devices for this purpose, except those you can find in numerous rooms. They can be hidden anywhere, so carefully search all the nooks and crannies. Perhaps the thing you need lies in this very little drawer. However, don’t think that the fierce granny will allow you to quietly walk around the house in search of a way out. She will follow your every move, listen to every sound. If you make a noise, she will know where you are, and immediately come running with something heavy to send you into knockout. Then you will not just lose a whole day, but you will also wake up in the same room where you started, and you will have to go all the hard way again. To avoid this, move as carefully as possible and hide at the first sign of danger. Be aware that the old woman also learns from her mistakes and next time there might be a trap waiting for you at the place she caught you. Don’t lose a minute, start your escape right now if you hope to survive!

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