New Horror Games

Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions. It can fully deprive you of ability to think and act, but it can also activate your hidden resources you didn’t even suspect you had. In daily life, we don’t feel fear that often. But sometimes we just need that shot of adrenaline that will shake us out of our comfort zone and let us feel alive again. Today, though, you don’t necessarily have to rise to Everest or stick your head into a crocodile’s mouth to experience kin emotions.

The Yokai Shop
Incident At Grove Lake
Sonic EXE 2
Sonic EXE 3
Night Of The Consumers 3
Night Of The Consumers 2
Paranormal Inc
Happy Wheels 2023
Talking Juan
Hungry Shark
Elevated Dread
Backrooms 2023
Hello Neighbor 2023
Cuphead 2
Dead By Daylight 2022
Obunga Backrooms
FNF Vs Flowey
Elden Ring
Cuphead And Mugman
Sonic Eyx
Garrys Mod FNAF
Poppy Playtime Horror
Monster School: Mommy Long Legs
The Backrooms Roblox
Amanda The Adventurer
Hungry Lamu
Five Nights At The Krusty Krab