New Horror Games

Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions. It can fully deprive you of ability to think and act, but it can also activate your hidden resources you didn’t even suspect you had. In daily life, we don’t feel fear that often. But sometimes we just need that shot of adrenaline that will shake us out of our comfort zone and let us feel alive again. Today, though, you don’t necessarily have to rise to Everest or stick your head into a crocodile’s mouth to experience kin emotions.

Hello Guest Alpha
Little Hope
Kill It With Fire
Resident Evil 3 Remake
Horror Story
Dead by Daylight 2021
Horrorfield 2021
Good Night Bobby
House on the Hill
Just Die Already
Siren Head
Portrait of an Obsession – A Forgotten Hill Tale
Gravewood High
Night of the Consumers
Your Toy
DreadOut 2
Beyond Senses
Simulacra 2
Forgotten Hill Disillusion
No Players Online
Dead by Daylight 2020
Dark Deception 2