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Retro games are stylish and extremely popular today. The trend for 90s and 80s seems to continue its rise and triumphal walk through the world of pop-culture and the gaming industry is not an exception. As you may remember the old days, there were no such titles that places you on the server where dozens of like-minders were ready to start an immediate competition with you. Now multiplayers can be found anywhere and it is hard to name a shooter that doesn’t use this format as a main or at least additional way to play. The title we are glad to present tries to approach the idea of collective and single shooting titles in a brand new manner.
Here, you will find yourself in a creepy and extremely atmospheric environment that looks like a VHS recording. Such style allows the game developers claim their product to be old-school and metaphoric, while the recorded videos are not something we can control, just watch. The game is considered as a 1-player shooter, however, there is a multiplayer here. Only one problem – it is absolutely empty and there are no people playing there. You can choose one and wait for a while until someone else will also appear. The problem is that even when you will see someone joined the game, you will stay the only active participant here and this will become clear very soon. As you won’t have any rivals to fight with, you will realize that there is the only thing you can do now – discovering different locations on the map. While the entire title follows the retro stylistic, the map is pretty modern and convenient. The contrast feels very interesting.

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