Siren Head

Game information

Do you like those creepy horror stories people usually tell one another when sitting around the fireplace? These are mostly legends – strange and frightening. They claim that our world collides with another one, the unknown universe of monsters, ancient spirits, and hellish creatures. Such an invasion of something terrifying and dangerous seems extreme to us. If you like this feeling, then the game about Siren Head will surely amaze you.
Who is Siren Head? Well, it is not known clearly. She is a monster that lives in the deepest woods. She is tall, exhausted, and intelligent. The game depicts a very small episode that presents this character at her best. You will play for a guy who works as a rescue ranger. One night, he receives a call that informs him – a company of tourists is lost in the forest. As always, he fulfills this duty and goes out to find them. You will go down the road, all alone, in a thick and dark forest. At some moment, strange sounds will reach your ears. Where do they come from? You will find out very soon, but this knowledge will kill you. This is Siren who makes the noises – whether the alarm, voices, dialogues, or melodies. She calls you this way. You will see her very soon…

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