That’s not my Neighbor Update



Game information

Get ready to dive back into the intriguing world of That’s Not My Neighbor, now with an exciting update that promises to refresh the gameplay and challenge even the most seasoned players. This update introduces a slew of new features, including more cunning doppelgangers, additional neighbor profiles to memorize, and enhanced gameplay mechanics to test your vigilance and decision-making skills. As the trusted gatekeeper of your apartment building, you’re tasked with an even greater responsibility to discern between real residents and their deceiving counterparts. With this update, prepare to encounter more complex scenarios that will require your full attention and quick thinking.

How to Play That’s Not My Neighbor: Updated Controls and Mechanics

Navigating through the game’s update is straightforward yet challenging, given the new layers of complexity. Here’s a quick rundown of the controls and how to play:
· Movement: Navigate through your office using the mouse or trackpad to interact with game elements.
· Inspection: Click on documents and items presented by residents to inspect them for authenticity.
· Decision Making: Use the designated buttons to either allow entry or reject the suspected doppelgangers based on your judgment.
· Emergency Protocol: Hit the emergency button if you’re convinced you’ve identified a doppelganger, initiating a sequence to keep the entity at bay.
· Reference Materials: Access the resident dossiers and expected arrivals list for cross-referencing and verification purposes.
· Telephone Use: Utilize the telephone to call for assistance or verify residents’ stories when in doubt.
With these controls, players must stay alert, as the game’s update brings smarter doppelgangers and more detailed resident backstories, making the task of keeping the unwanted visitors out more challenging than ever.

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