New Horror Games

Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions. It can fully deprive you of ability to think and act, but it can also activate your hidden resources you didn’t even suspect you had. In daily life, we don’t feel fear that often. But sometimes we just need that shot of adrenaline that will shake us out of our comfort zone and let us feel alive again. Today, though, you don’t necessarily have to rise to Everest or stick your head into a crocodile’s mouth to experience kin emotions.

Sans Simulator Roblox
Undertale Friday Night Funkin
The Man From The Window 2
The Man From The Window
The Smiling Man
Minecraft Horror Story
My Friendly Neighborhood
Doki Doki 2
Doki Doki Monika
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage
Huggy Wuggy Survival Playtime
Ice Scream 7
Broken Veil
TRZ Pop It
Almost My Floor
Leatherface Shadow Of Massacre
Half Dead 2
Bigface Marsh
Death And Taxes
The Mortuary Assistant
The Sin
Trading Master 3D – Fidget Pop
Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse