Euro Truck Simulator 2



Game information

Euro Truck Simulator 2 invites players to take the wheel of a freight truck, delivering goods across the expansive and meticulously detailed landscapes of Europe. From the rugged terrains of the Scottish Highlands to the sun-kissed avenues of Southern France, the game offers an authentic truck driving experience. Players start as freelance drivers for hire, completing deliveries to earn money and experience points. As progress is made, opportunities to purchase own trucks, customize them, and build a personal transport business unfold, with the game’s economic system allowing for the hiring of other drivers and the acquisition of garages across the continent.

Expanding Horizons and Strategic Gameplay

This simulation extends beyond driving, requiring players to manage their burgeoning transport business strategically. Decisions on fuel costs, tolls, cargo deadlines, and routes need careful consideration to maximize profits and efficiency. The game’s dynamic weather system and day-night cycle add layers of realism, affecting driving conditions and delivery timelines. With each successful delivery, players can explore deeper into the game’s vast network of cities, each rendered with attention to cultural and architectural detail. The challenge of balancing the demands of delivery schedules with the maintenance of the fleet and the well-being of the driving team encapsulates the essence of running a transport business, making Euro Truck Simulator 2 a comprehensive simulation of the logistics industry.

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