Game information

In Storyteller, creativity meets strategy in a distinctive gameplay experience where crafting tales is the heart of the challenge. Positioned as a visual narrative constructor, the game tasks its players with assembling stories from a set of illustrated elements. Each level poses a different title for the story to be crafted, directing players to choose backgrounds, characters, and events in such a manner that their interplay weaves a narrative meeting the level’s thematic and concluding prerequisites.

Visual Storytelling Reimagined

Leveraging a lively animation style, Storyteller encourages players to experiment with a tapestry of narrative possibilities. Dragging and dropping characters into the scene isn’t just about placement—it’s about setting the stage for dynamic interactions that unfold into a story. The game’s library is rich with narrative components—from classic heroes and nefarious villains to mythical creatures like vampires and dragons. This variety enables players to explore narratives of betrayal, revenge, love, and madness. Filling in the storyboard’s empty slots becomes an exercise in creativity, as players manipulate the elements of fiction to scare, enchant, or outwit, effectively becoming the authors of their own uniquely spun tales.

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