Minecraft Hello Neighbor

Game information

Yet another advantage of Minecraft is that it allows to port your favorite games into the pixel world of mining and crafting! Now you can also play Hello Neighbor in a square-shaped house from where you need to find a way out. Explore the rooms and find clues, but beware of getting noticed by your neighbor otherwise he’ll catch and kill you! But since it’s a Minecraft map, there are certain deviations from the familiar gameplay. The neighbor is a substitute for skeleton, so he behaves accordingly. The range of his vision is very small and you need to be very close to him so that he spots you. Your neighbor shoots fireballs that can hurt you. Search for items that will open doors and lead your way. If you were noticed by the neighbor, hide in the closet and sit there until he leaves. Sounds easy, right? Not quite so! But you won’t find that out until you launch the game! Play Hello Neighbor in Minecraft online and see the difference!

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