Hello Neighbor 2019



Game information

Most of us have nice relationships with our neighbors. Some even manage to make a real friendship with them. But this strange, gloomy dude with a red mustache and striped T-shirt avoids people and is engaged in something very suspicious in his basement. From there constantly come the sounds of sawing, hammering and human cries. And one day you see your neighbor tightly slamming the basement door, which leads you to disturbing thoughts. Of course, he could just be fixing the water pipes or, for example, doing wood carving, and this explains all the strange sounds you heard. But somehow it does not fit with his unsociable and gloomy look. So you decide that something is unclean here, and you sneak inside the house to check what is going on.

In the house you are expected by the neighbor and a multiple traps placed by him to slow down careless visitors. At first, he’ll be unaware that you have snuck into his territory, and if you behave quietly and carefully, you will have a good head start. But as soon as you give out your presence, wait for trouble. The neighbor will not calm down, until he bangs you with a shovel on the head. Fortunately, this is not the end of your adventure – you will only be thrown to the top of the script, and you can try again. But bear in mind that the neighbor will remember the places where you hid, and the actions that you performed, and he will adapt his own tactics according to this information. He learns fast, so don’t screw up!

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