Escape The Ayuwoki

Game information

Being locked alone in a large, abandoned, and old house is creepy. The dark rooms and corridors are pretty scary, especially at night. However, things are even worse, when you are not actually alone there. Someone is around. Someone with sharp teeth and claws, looking for some blood to spill. This is Ayuwoki and he likes to spook people. Also, he likes to chop off the heads, eat their hearts and brains, tear off their limbs, and other “funny” stuff. As you can see, it is much better for you to stay away from this guy, because you won’t be very pleased with your meeting. Actually, you won’t feel anyhow in any way, because you will die immediately. Run away from Ayuwoki and try to hide, when you feel that he is too close. The house is full of objects that can serve as saving spots. For example, there are wardrobes and other pieces of furniture, so you can stand behind them or hide under them and Ayuwoki won’t see you. Just be careful – track the eye-icon below to know exactly if Ayuwoki sees you.

By the way, Ayuwoki is not only sharp-sighted but also has a super acute hearing. At this point, you realize that the game spreads itself far beyond the digital space – it literally interrupts your real life. Don’t you believe it? Well, the game requests and access to your microphone. If you allow it, the demon will not only hear all of your actions inside of the digital space, but he will also hear a real you, sitting in your room and scratching your nose. So be very quiet! If you don’t have a mic or don’t Ayuwoki to become that close to you, you can turn this option off. However, if you do, you will lose a large percent of enjoyment (and thrill, stress, adrenaline as well). Try it out and you will see that this is a pretty unique horror-game experience.

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