Sally Face Episode 5



Game information

Are you ready to continue your adventures in a gloomy and dark world of Sally Fisher, a young boy with a complicated fate? Well, hope you are, because the fifth episode of one of the most famous and widely-accepted horrors of last decade is already here, waiting for you to check it out. The nightmares of young Sal were horrible as you can imagine. Not only he is an injured guy, who cannot walk out of his house without wearing a mask. The reason for such a radical move is that his face is not okay – he has a serious trauma and now looks scary, so he decides to hide his ugly face from the eyes of other people. Sally never takes the mask of because the way he looks can ruin his entire life (which can be called already ruined though). The mask has special constructions, so he can remove the bottom of it when he eats. This means that he doesn’t take it off even at dinner! As an author of the game and this character says, Sally never takes the mask off if there is a risk that someone will see him. He would rather avoid this forever, so when there is an emergency case, he leaves and takes the mask somewhere in a bathroom or other place where there are no people.
In the fourth part of the story, Sal was already an adult guy. He wasn’t a teenager anymore, but rather a young man. In the end of the episode, Sal committed a mass murder and killed a great number of people. It seems like our hero gone a bit crazy because of the horrible life full of pain he used to live. There was a last drop – his best friend disappeared. There was a note from his that informed Sal that he loved him and he shouldn’t blame himself for this accident. Sally becomes not just lonely, but crazy. After he kills everyone around, the police takes him to prison. He receives the cruellest punishment ever – death on an electric chair. So the representatives of the law kill Sal. However, in the fifth part, he will come back.
As in the previous parts, in a fifth one you will have to immerse yourself into the world of a sad guy filled with horrible nightmares. The gameplay is simple and the story is straightforward. However, be ready that the game has something to surprise you with! There are puzzles that are not that easy to break, so we bet that you will have to spend a while trying to cope with them. Find them yourself – the game won’t push you to solve the puzzles but we are sure that they will make your playing experience more interesting and full. Check the fifth episode and see Sal resurrected!

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