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Undertale’s new part is called Deltarune, but what else do we knoe about it? Is it a continuation or a prequel? Or maybe, this one is just an alternative story about the characters we have already met before? The game developer Fox reveals that this title is not an entirely new universe, however, it is different from the one that we know from Undertale. It is necessary to know the story of the first part to orient in the world presented in Deltarune and have a full gaming experience. At the same time, as Fox claims, there is no way how things that happened in the first part can influence those that will take place in the second one. The characters as well as their stories are also not the same that you have met in the previous game. Therefore, it is really hard to say is there a first or a second part here. In fact, the description of a new game makes us think that it is something more like an additional storyline that doesn’t depend on anything you already know, but you should be aware of the previous story to have a full sense of the game atmosphere. The stories don’t interrupt one another in any way, at the same time they are two parts of the one. According to the latest information published by Fox in his Twitter, making a full version of the game is something he really wants to do. At the same time, he admits that there is a plenty of work here and he will hardly finish everything in the nearest couple of years. This is pretty sad because the fans are expecting new game from him and are willing to get it as soon as possible. Fox promises to proceed his work in case he finds a team of people to cooperate with and make the developing process go faster. Hopefully, he will find a great team despite the fact that he has no previous experience in anything like that. If everything goes the way it was planned, we will see the official release of the game soon.
Deltarune is described as an RPG that has only one ending no matter what decisions you make during the game. This is one of the main features that differs this title from the previous one where the multiplicity of endings was influenced by your actions. This is going to be a story Kris and Suzie, who appear in an alternative universe, where the strange Darkness Prince informs them that they are the saviors of the world. Characters are faced with moral dilemmas and numerous questions regarding their ability to become real heroes and the responsibility they have to accept. However, does their decision whether to become heroes or not has any weight? Maybe, everything is already decided for them so they have no choice. Now the characters will be divided into different classes and have various abilities, supporting the entire team in the battles and interacting with the enemies in different ways.

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