Evil Indie Horror

Game information

Is this place your own nightmare? Are you inside of your head or in the parallel world of pure insanity, fear and… evil? Who cares, when you need to get out of this terrifying place as soon as you can. However, you cannot just stand up and walk away from this hell. The trick is that there are numerous levels to pass before you find your freedom. Drawn in black, white, and red, this is a very nervous and thrilling game, where you will meet a number of canonic monsters and pretty original characters. We are glad to inform you that the second part of Evil is already on the run and we have uploaded it specially for you. The free game is located right here, on this page. The game is really unpredictable and creepy, so if you play in a dark room at night, just make sure that you don’t make it too loud in your headphones!

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