Troll Face Quest: USA 1



Game information

Try to crack complicated, funny, and cool puzzles in this amazing Troll Quest! We bet that you won’t get bored while playing this title. Just be aware – these guys are real trolls and they will trick you hard! Try not to get trolled too much! Or at least, don’t get frustrated if you are. This one is the first part of the Troll Quest line that is devoted to the USA. Here you will see numerous puzzles and jokes connected to America. We bet that this game will not only make you laugh, but also will make you think and wrack your head. Get ready to strain your brain! The process is pretty complicated, like any other tricky puzzle title. However, it is funny as well! So get entertained and crack the tasks one by one!
The feeling that you are competing with other characters to show that you are not silly won’t leave you during the entire game. Don’t let them make a fool of you – make fools of them! Indeed, the tasks here are not that simple, so you may find the playing really challenging. If you are an experienced troll already, you will easily get through! Some of them might seem impossible to crack and you know what? Maybe, you are right! When playing with trolls, you should expect everything. Still, the game will surely help you get rid of boredom. There are numerous American stories to discover and rethink here. You will definitely learn more about this country, its culture, and various special events that have happened throughout its history. That’s much more interesting than reading a book on history, right? Don’t you become a victim of the nasty jokes and tricks! Use your skills and get out of all problematic situations like a boss!

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