Lethal Company

Game information

In Lethal Company, players step into the shoes of a contractor tasked with salvaging valuable scrap from the remnants of industrialized moons. The overarching goal is to meet or exceed the profit expectations set by the omnipresent Company. This high-stakes venture offers the dual prospects of danger and reward, enticing players to venture further into increasingly perilous territories or invest in luxurious upgrades for their spacecraft and attire. Alongside the pursuit of wealth, the game offers a chance to connect with the remnants of nature; players can scan encountered species, enriching their digital bestiary with the diverse fauna of these desolate worlds.

Team Dynamics and Survival Strategies

As the lunar shadows lengthen, the risks escalate, transforming Lethal Company from a solitary scavenging mission into a critical test of teamwork and strategy. Players have the option to orchestrate their crew’s movements from the relative safety of their ship, navigating through traps and unlocking doors remotely, or to face the hazards head-on as a united front. The Company’s catalogue provides a plethora of tools essential for survival, ranging from basic utilities like lights and walkie-talkies to defensive aids such as stun grenades. The true test comes with nightfall, when coordination and quick decision-making become vital to secure the day’s haul and ensure that no crew member is left behind in the darkness.

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