Game information

GoreBox catapults players into a sandbox environment where the thrill of destruction meets the freedom of imagination. Within this realm, participants wield an arsenal of weaponry and the groundbreaking Reality Crusher, setting the stage for unparalleled havoc and creativity. This environment offers a unique blend of physics-driven chaos and player-driven innovation, where the only boundary is one’s inventiveness.

Unleash Havoc with the Reality Crusher

The Reality Crusher emerges as a pivotal tool, allowing players to spawn, modify, and annihilate anything within the game’s world. This capability elevates players from mere participants to masters of their domain, orchestrating mayhem or crafting intricate scenarios at will.

Customization and Community Creations

GoreBox extends beyond mere destruction with features that foster personalization and community engagement. The built-in map editor invites players to design their battlegrounds, while the workshop integration facilitates sharing and discovering user-generated content. Character customization options enable players to express their style, enhancing the personal connection to the game. Additionally, the informal role-play elements, bolstered by an interactive chat system and in-game trading, enrich the social experience, making GoreBox a playground of endless possibilities and interactions.

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