Racing Horror Games

Don’t be surprised – such different genres as horror and racing can be combined. As strange as it may seem, but the racing games are sometimes arranged in such manner that can make your hair gray. They might be scary! Just imagine the combination: a racing title that is pretty exciting and adrenaline-provoking as it is combined with thrilling and anxious setting. Isn’t it something you have been looking for? Sharp emotions are guaranteed.

Drive or Die
Undead Drive
Zombie Drive
Race Z
Desert Worms
We Happy Racing
Apocalypse Drive
Five Nights Mega Parking

The aesthetics of zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, or anything like that will be perceived by you from a very unique angle now. Get teleported to a very strange track, where you will have to compete with other characters and try not to jump high on your chair – this is going to be a really nice adventure for sure.

The sudden overlapping of styles and unexpected elements of horror will make your ride special. While the racing in cars something from our habitual world, something you can see on a TV or experience yourself (if you have a car), elements of horror make it something else. Racing is thrilling, but never actually as scary as a horror. Of course, you can feel a bit frightened when your car is flying on the edge of a track or you are about to collide with some other car. However, this cannot be compared with monsters and zombies that are the active participants of the process, right? This is when two realities coincide in a very strange manner – horrible hallucinatory creatures invade the world you are used to and you don’t know anymore, where is the “true” reality. Is there any true reality at all? The developers of horror racing titles must be asking a question like this. They make attempts to mix the genres but also they do mix two realities – a habitual one and a fantastic one, the one that comes from our most horrible nightmares. And we believe that this is an experience you should try. The distance between nightmares and real world has never been so small and maybe now it is absolutely absent, so this is something that is worth your attention.

We have uploaded single-player racing titles as well as those for two and more players. You can also find multiplayer games here, so you can always find someone to play with online. Most of the presented titles include the survival element and some of them will encourage you to create and customize your own vehicle. The flaming wheels, roaring engines, and bouncing cars are waiting for you. Get to the highway to hell and test the powers of your infernal car. Horror racing titles offer you very special machines – some of them have sharp saws on their wheels, the others are equipped with killing lasers. Are you ready for the craziest and most violent ride in your life? Then check this section, find the game you really like, and enjoy an unlimited access to speed and thrill. This your perfect chance to bring fresh air to your habitual racing experience! Good luck!