Evil Nun

Game information

Can you hear that strange sound out there? You’d better run! Because you might die next second. This is the short description of the feeling you will have about the Evil Nun game. This one is a very popular horror title that can be labeled as “an escape”. There is a story behind this horror. One fine day, you realize that you have been locked inside of a strange building and it seems like this is a school, but not a usual one. It is a school of the church, where Christian children get religious upbringing. However, something went terribly wrong and your nun seems to be a real monster. She doesn’t act and look like all nuns – neither she is calm and spiritual, not wise. You have spent some time learning in this class, but the nun always seemed to be suspicious to you. Your suspicions let you notice something you shouldn’t – a crime.

It turns out that a nun doesn’t actually worships the God, but she is a member of a satanic cult. You have realized that one day, when one of your classmates disappeared. Your blood became cold when you thought about his destiny… maybe he was used for a bloody ritual or something? Now the nun has locked you and you have all chances to become her next victim. Move silently around the house and find the way out of here before she kills you. Don’t make any sounds – the nun will appear near you in a second if you do.

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