Granny 3



Game information

The very new part of the famous escape survival horror game is at your disposal. We bet that you have been waiting for it for so long! Finally, you are welcome to enjoy another adventure with Granny. This adventure will be no less horrifying than the previous two. Well, to say the truth, this one is going to be even worse. Or at least, even more frightening than you can imagine. Indeed, games that use that jumpscare element never fail to make us jump high on our chairs from fear. They do work and they work all the time. This is a pretty simple move, but developers cannot stop implementing it because we actually love that feeling. When playing a game like Granny, you are always alarmed. This is the secret of them. You walk here and there and your brain is always ready to get a strike of fear. You are under an enormous pressure because you cannot predict the moment when Granny will show up. Will the next step you make produce a sound? If it will happen, you will have less than a couple of seconds to hide somewhere. In most cases, you won’t be able to do anything that fast. The problem is that you are just a human and she… she is a monster and she moves really fast. If you perceive old women like someone who cannot hear well and cannot run as fast as a cheetah – here is Granny and she will prove the opposite.

So when the game starts, you find yourself in a pretty dark place. The old house is so lonely, dirty, ugly, and creepy. Everything you want now is to find your way out of here. However, not so fast. The problem is that the central gate is closed. You don’t have a key, but chances are that it is somewhere near. Somewhere in one of the thousands of rooms that are here, in this house. One by one, you will try to sneak into them to get that key and leave this horrible place. Will you be lucky enough to find it and get away? Or maybe you will fail this mission and your life will end in such a strange and even a bit absurd way? Do your best to leave and you will have a chance to overcome the evil and run away.

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