Happy Wheels 2021

Game information

The most entertaining driving arcade where numerous of complicated challenges are waiting for you. The game is tough and tricky, so you are required to apply your best reaction skills. You will have to pick enormous speeds up, be witty, smart, and attentive. During the riding process, you will have to overcome numerous tough obstacles. If you fail to do that, you risk breaking your car and even dying! This is something you cannot allow to happen, because your aim is to reach the finish alive and unharmed. From the first glance, everything sounds simple and straightforward, but this will change right after you will jump in the car and start a race.

So many hardships on your way

The problem and main difficulty of this game is that not only you have to avoid the obstacles, riding your carefully not to touch them. Some of the obstacles need your special attention – you will have to neutralize them, deal with them, and get through them. Also, be aware that the time you have for each driving session and puzzle to crack is limited, so you need to make right decisions really fast.

Will you get to the finish unharmed?

The game will remind you not only a driving game with obstacles. It is similar to a constructor. Here you will face a large open world where an absolute freedom of actions and decisions is allowed. There is no one right way to pass each level – there are different options, so you can check and try them all, looking for the best one. You can pass one stage using various approaches and strategies for a couple times, then evaluate the result, and choose the best one. Try different types of cars out – there are so many of them waiting for you here. From scooters and bicycles to enormous trucks. Incredible gameplay, diverse levels, and open world with numerous dangers is waiting for you. The controls are simple, so we bet that you will master this game easily.

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