Happy Wheels 3



Game information

This part of Happy Wheels is non-standard. It is much crueler than the previous ones. However, even though the game is pretty tough and bloody, it can boast of having thousands of fans from all corners of the world. This dangerous, complicated, and a bit creepy adventure of the road will show you all the dangers and difficulties one can meet while riding. Here you will never see any beautiful landscapes, calm cityscapes, or anything like that. You are riding a bike and you work for delivery service, but a place you are in is pretty creepy and dangerous to ride at.
Every obstacle on the road can harm you and most of them can kill you! Sometimes, only one hit is enough to beat you off a bike. Overcome the difficulties and master complicated roads! Be very attentive – the obstacles are deadly. Those who like extreme, thrilling, and energetic adventures on the edge of life and death will surely like this game. If your nerves are made of steel and your reactions are just perfect – you will pass all the stages of the game for sure. However, if these are not your strongest sides, we bet that you will find it difficult to reach the finish line. While riding your bike, you still have a chance to improve and gain such skills, but be ready that you won’t pass it from the first try. Don’t get frustrated – you can start again and retry! Talented and skilled gamers will easily pass the road and this extreme adventure will become truly legendary for them! Try to overcome the complicated road and do your best to deal with all the challenging obstacles if you can. The game, like the other parts of the franchise, are available at this site for free.

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