Alternate Watch All Anomalies



Game information

Alternate Watch All Anomalies places players in a setting where meticulous observation and keen attention to detail are crucial. The game is structured around identifying and addressing anomalies across various rooms in a house, each with its own set of potential irregularities and disturbances.

Detailed Anomaly Catalog

Kitchen Anomalies:

– Objects like a candlestick, parrot decor, and utensils may shift unexpectedly.
– New items can appear, such as additional cereal boxes or plates, indicating a mimic anomaly.
– Some items, like apples or paper towels, might vanish or alter position, signaling a displacement.

Living Room Anomalies:

Artwork changes or new objects emerge, such as extra remotes or plants, suggesting mimic incidents.
Flawed entities may manifest in disturbing forms, like hanging upside down or taking over the screen.

Laundry Room Anomalies:

Movement of bottles or jeans, and appearances of extra items, point to displacement and mimic anomalies.

Kids Room Anomalies:

Changes in toy arrangements or room lighting indicate displacement, while extra toys or books hint at mimic activities.

Master Bedroom Anomalies:

Shifts in portraits or furniture positions, alongside the appearance of new objects, suggest a range of anomalies from mimic to displacement.

Bathroom Anomalies:

Alterations in toiletry placements or new reflections in the mirror may reveal various anomaly types.

Basement Anomalies:

Changes in storage arrangements or electronic disturbances are key indicators of anomalies.

In each area, players must stay vigilant, tracking changes and reporting them accurately to maintain control over the situation. The game challenges players to differentiate between normal and abnormal, with the added tension of potential supernatural occurrences altering the environment. Through this, Alternate Watch All Anomalies offers a gripping experience, rewarding players for their observational skills and ability to adapt to escalating weirdness.

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