Drawing Horror Games

The main element that makes a horror creepy is visual one. Of course, the atmosphere and a tricky story behind are crucial as well, but horrors work on our perception in many ways and the first barrier they go through surely is visual perception. Eyes bring the experience right to our brain, so once we see a creepy picture, we are already captured by it.

Adventures of Billy and Mandy Online Coloring Game
Moto X3M 6: Spooky Land
Five Nights at Freddy´s Paint
Freddy Paint
Golden Bonnie FNAF3 Paint
Ladybug Halloween: Makeup and Costume
Paint Bendy and the Ink Machine
Bendy Coloring
Earn to Die 2
Earn to Die
Coloring all Monster High
Creepy Coloring
Monster High Dead Tired Coloring
Halloween Coloring Pages

That is why most horror games have traditional visual elements to use: these are various monsters with distorted (or event absent, which is even more thrilling) faces and bodies, aliens that look like hellish creatures, and some objects and characters that come from another world. The same happens to the environment around – these are gloomy places, dark woods, strange rooms and houses, abandoned buildings, post-apocalyptic cities, etc. Both characters and places may look like something familiar, let’s say they are people or houses. Naturally, when we see them in the real life, they doesn’t scare us, but when they are distorted visually, we start feeling anxious. That is why the visual part is so important and influential for every horror game.

In this section, we offer you to become the one, who actually creates such images! Now you can become a real horror-artist, because we have gathered and uploaded a collection of drawing horror titles right in this section. Among them you will find coloring books, drawing games that encourage you to create a story and invent new characters, who could become the participants of some fearful story. Maybe, you want to color Bendy? What if you try to make him look even cuter? You can color him just like he really is or do some experiments and see what happens. Can you imagine him being… lets’ say, pick? Or maybe you want to create a new animatronic? Combining different parts of the body, color them the way you want and see what you can get! Again, make him or her look cute and this will surely have a cool effect – the creature will be very tricky and cunning, because it would be hard to predict, what a monster it is! Or maybe you would like to immerse yourself into the atmosphere or dark abandoned mansion, where the ghosts and monsters live? Create environments and imagine yourself being there! Also, check Halloween-themed coloring books and Monster High pictures! Draw, paint, create characters and stories and feel yourself like a real character designer – let your fantasies spread around! Who knows, maybe you are a natural-born game designer, so let’s find out!

We are the authors of our own fears. The best thing here is to approach this fact creatively – become a drawer of the monsters you may be afraid of and see what effect this might bring. Enjoy the set of cool drawing games, all different and amazing, and choose the type you like. Bring colors to the lifeless images and make them shine. Create new horror monsters and experiment! Let your creative juices flaw, we know that every horror fan is a real artist! So start drawing and painting right now – lets’ see what creepy worlds will come out of your head!