Ghost Games Online

We live in a time when every phenomenon has a scientific explanation. But we still believe that there are things beyond our understanding, something that can’t be approached rationally. Supernatural things. Like witches, demons, angels and of course ghosts. These mysterious creatures appear almost in every fairy tail, scary story or thriller movie.

Make ’em Cringe
The House on the Left
The Wandering Wraith
I’m Still Here
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered
Luigi’s Mansion 3
KoGaMa: Ghost House
Cat and Ghosts
Ghost Rider
Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost
Goodbye, Doggy
Falling Ghost
Ghost Wiper

Mostly they play a sinister role haunting the heroes and seeking vengeance. But sometimes they also help those pursued by dark forces get rid of the curse and find peace. Our online games about ghost will send you on thrilling mystical adventures where you will meet all kinds of spirits, both mean ones you’ll have to fight and good ones that will be your guides and guardians!

Tickle your nerves and escape an evil ghost!

If you are a fan of horrors and like to get creepy sensations, there are plenty of games on our site that will send shivers down your spine. In many of them you’ll find yourself inside a haunter house and your task will be to find a way out without getting into the hands of vile ghost. Each of the locations is a sort of puzzle you have to solve to escape. You’ll need to explore the building, find the items you need to break away and avoid bumping into one of its menacing supernatural dwellers at all costs. If the ghost get to you, you’ll have to start the game from the beginning. Only the most careful and ingenious player will make it to the front door.

Other games will challenge you to find hidden treasures lying deep in an ancient temple or maze. Of course they won’t just fall into your hands, you’ll have to get past a ghost that guards them first. And if you’re not cautious enough, it may pursue you all the way through the labyrinth! Running away from a ghost isn’t easy, especially if your path is strewn with multiple obstacles and you can stumble or fall from a precipice any second. You’ll have to accurately pick your step, but without slowing down. Otherwise the angry spirit will capture you and then your life will be over!

Some ghost are good and need your help!

Not all games about ghost are so scary, though. There is also an immense choice of online entertainments where these paranormal beings play a natural or even a positive part. Sometimes they are the main characters of the game and you have to control a cute ghost in a high-paced platformer or runner. In adventure games ghosts also perform an assisting function suddenly appearing on the hero’s way and giving him an important clue. This is especially popular when the plot is based on a mystical or fantasy story. Some ghosts may even need your own help! They too can become victims of evil creatures and you just can’t step aside without offering them a friendly hand. That will require you to solve tricky puzzles and defeat powerful enemies, but isn’t it worth to make it a few good spirits more in this world? The options are innumerate and the scenarios are very diverse. Pick a ghost game that appeals to you most and enjoy incredible online adventures full of magic and mystery on our site!